Why the very cheapest car insurance is reserved for we boring old folk

Jaguar drivers are usually more interested in quality than price and that extends to insurance too. However there seems to be a national obsession with cheap car insurance. Every time I switch the radio or television on I'm assailed by a creature that looks like a mongoose with a voice like a Russian Dalek offering me auto surgery or some other such nonsense, or a blank eyed American telling me over and over again that free should mean free. He's probably listened to people saying 'Brexit means Brexit' too often. Still at least we no longer have builders dressed up as transvestites or a yodelling Italian tenor so thank heavens for small mercies.

My car insurance - at least for my day car - is very very, even rediculously, cheap. There is a good reason for that. Every time my renewal premium is due I compare quotes at a site that says it offers the cheapest car insurance, prudentplus.com. They may not be the cheapest comparison site but they don't bombard me with phone calls and emails if I don't buy right away like certain other comparison sites I could mention. I have tried companies that don't advertise on comparison sites like Direct Line

and even though I'm not a farmer I did take out a policy with NFU once but Prudent Plus still gets my vote.

It helps immensely that I'm a retired solicitor in my late 60s driving a Late Model Jaguar F-Pace. I have driven for nearly half a century during which time I picked up just a single speeding ticket about 30 years ago for doing 36 mph in a 30 zone. I have never had a car accident, whether responsible for it or not. My insurance company loves me because they know that every penny they get from me in premium is pure profit.

On the other hand one of my sons is a safe driver but is only 25 and makes a living as a freelance DJ. He drives a Mazda MX5. He has a string of girlfriends because of his job (not because of his good looks, he has inherited them from his father, poor lad) but his motor insurance premiums are nearly 10 times mine.

I learned years ago that there is no magical way of getting cheap car insurance. The insurers look at every aspect of the risk they face in underwriting policy, from the experience and driving record of the applicant, through the postcode that the applicant is likely to be driving in, and up to the accident record and average repair costs of the type of car that the prospective customer wants to insure.

The hard and simple fact is that we older people with safe solid driving records and sensible cars are far less likely to ever make insurance claims than young people showing off to others – particularly of the opposite sex – in cars which are capable of going faster than their brain cells can, and often after an evening relaxing over a drink or three. It really is simple.

Yes very cheap car insurance is easy to get for we boring oldsters and pretty near impossible for our offspring. Still, by subsidising our car insurance premiums they are at least paying back a little bit of the huge sums it has cost us to bring them into this world. It is just a shame that more of them don't realise that.