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Our privacy Policy

One of the results of having a website is that we get hold of a certain amount of data about our visitors; most of which cannot be used to identify them personally but some which can. We are committed to maintaining visitor privacy and we make sure that we comply with all relevant United Kingdom and EU regulations.

This privacy policy describes how we collect, and use any data which we gather; we believe that we have one of the most stringent attitudes towards privacy on the Internet and we are proud to describe how we keep your information confidential.

What data we collect

1) personally identifying data
This is an entertainment site and apart from the fact that we advertise our contact details, which means that you can get in touch with us at any time, we have no other means of collecting data which can be used to personally identify you. If you do get in touch with us in any way we will of course record your communication because we will want to reply to it in a proper way and so it will be stored on our computer system. Data on this is automatically protected by strong encryption to which the only person who has access is myself, Ian Harvey.

How we use this data

We use this information purely for answering any queries that you may have or even for a a general chat if that is what you have contacted us for. What we will not do under any circumstances is use it to send you spam, or any other type of irritating communication.

2) non-identifying data
Data about visitors is collected by practically every Web server on earth. We can tell which pages have been visited, how long visitors have stayed on those pages, and in which order. What we cannot do though is find out which particular visitor did what! Neither can we use any of the information to find out just who our visitors are.

As well as site visits we can also get statistical information about the type of Internet connected devices have been used to visit our site, and what kind of software these devices used. In other words we can find out roughly how many people used mobile phones, laptops or computers. We can also find out which operating systems and browsers were used, on average.

How we use this information

Statistical information like this is very useful to all people who run websites because it helps us to find out just what visitors are interested in and, perhaps just as importantly, what they are not. This helps us to improve our website.

Who we share information with

This is an easy one to answer; no one. Theoretically we may do so in the future if we are legally obliged to do so, or if a visitor behaves in such a way that it would be essential for us to inform appropriate authorities, but this has never happened in the past and we really can't see it happening in the future either!

Sites that we link to

From time to time there will be hyperlinks on our website to other websites that we feel may offer something, for instance in the way of articles, goods or services, that our visitors may be interested in. We must stress that these are entirely separate websites to ours and are owned by different people. They will have their own privacy policies, which are likely to be completely different from ours, and so we recommend that you read through these and make sure that you find them acceptable.

Alterations and deletion of our data

If you believe that we hold personally identifying information about you on our computer system you are legally entitled to ask us for a copy of this, and if any of this information is incorrect you can insist on it being put right. You are also entitled to prevent us from processing your personally identifiable information.

We do not in any case process personally identifiable information in any way, and we have no wish to hold any such information longer than it is necessary for us to do so in order to answer queries. If you ask us to delete such information we will be more than happy to do so within a reasonably short space of time.

Queries about our privacy policy

We will be happy to answer any queries or comments you have about this privacy policy; and you will find ways to contact us on our 'About' page.