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Hello and welcome to my modest little website. My name is Ian Harvey and I'm a retired solicitor and long-term lover of all things Jaguar.

My first obsession with cars in general came at the early age of 17. One of my friends – I will call in John in case he decides to sue me – was a son of a farmer and from an early age he'd been permitted to drive his dad's Land Rover all over the farm. As a result only a couple of weeks after his 17th birthday he passed his driving test; his father bought a new Land Rover and John got the old one. From then on, as far as the local girls were concerned, none of the rest of we lads had a hope. John got the lot.

We can't blame them really. After a night out at Sale Locarno a snog – or even more – even on the back bench seat of a beat up old Land Rover was infinitely better than queueing for half an hour for the last bus amongst a mob of hormonal teenagers. John got his comeuppance though. A certain young lady decided that he was going to be the love of her life and by his 19th birthday he was married with a baby son. Last time I saw him he had four grown-up kids, six grandchildren, an old Astra and no hair. Serves him right.

The members of our little gang learned a good lesson from John. Not for us the motorbikes that so many of our generation lusted after, most of us finished up owning cars of one type or another but since there was no MOT test in those days we drove around in wrecks. Many a date was spoilt when the poor driver had to get out and change some oiled up spark plugs whilst his young lady sat pouting in the car dreaming of being whisked away by a knight in a shining Jaguar. Sadly all I could run to in those days was a Ford Anglia but hey it was better than nothing.

Since those early days I have owned a succession of Jaguars ranging from a Mark 1 right up to now elderly XK8 which my wife claims I love more than I love her. What nonsense. It's only a piece of metal which one day I will trade in for a newer model. Some men may do that with their wives but I'm a little too old for that now.

Thanks for reading my life history and I hope you enjoy my website. If you want to get in touch you can write to me at 31 Worcester Street Gloucester Gloucestershire GL1 3AJ but the quickest and most efficient way is to email me: ianh (at) Sorry you'll have to type it in but I have to hide the address from the automated bots that send me incredible offers of loans at zero interest that I'll never have to pay back or amazing prizes for lotteries I've won even though I've never heard of them. I do wish they'd change the record occasionally.